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The Performer

Sylvester the Jester is a world famous, comedy magician, inventor and artist whose surreal blend of Cartoonish visual comedy and innovative magic has garnered several prestigious awards and made him a frequent guest on TV shows around the world and cemented him in high category of one the top acts in both magic and comedy world.

In the annual International festival of magic in Monte Carlo, which was televised on ABC’s “Champions of Magic II”, the climax of the show was when before and audience of nearly a thousand people including the Royal family of Monaco and millions of TV viewers. Princess Stephanie awarded both the Grand Prize and “the people choice award!” to Sylvester the Jester.

Performing in multiple languages, Sylvester has been the guest of many countries. Touring the world he has likewise been warmly received on TV shows and in theaters across the planet where he has been touted as one of the most inspiring and original acts in the history of magic. Regarding Sylvester’s original material, Author John Booth, In his book, “Taking Magic Beyond Credibility” writes:

“I have had the cautious pleasure of witnessing thrice what I regard as a compilation of one of the most ingenious, genuinely and previously undreamed of effects for a magic act in my several score years of Life!

Sylvester creates effects and methods that have no forbears in magic and that is the highest praise.”

And with regard to Sylvester’s performance, Author Ken Weber, in his book Maximum Entertainment writes:

“I had seen this cartoon-comes-to-life act on television and I remember being impressed. Then I saw him live at a Magic convention and I was blown away by his manic and thoroughly magical inventiveness. Then when I saw him do superbly mystifying and hilarious close-up magic in character, I was impressed even more!

And then when he sat with me at lunch and did his Sylvester Pitch: the continuous production of, well just about anything, at arms length from my face, I realized this guy comes from a different gene pool then the rest of us.

…Perhaps you’re wondering how he can Communicate His Humanity while “hiding” behind the cartoon character. Well ‘toons have feeling too! We empathize with him as he gets pulled and squished and maimed in unfathomable ways. And we laugh with him as he overcomes all manner of misfortune.

He is truly, Amazingly Unique.”

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